TOKIGAMES innovates, develops, and provides Games as an Audience Marketing Engagement Solution, or simply G.A.M.E.S., to better and more effectively acquire, activate, retain, and grow audiences.

We use gamification principles to help companies influence positive consumer attitudes, shape desired behaviors, and create meaningful relationships through deeply immersive and memorable experiences.

Reach new users and capture attention using a unique channel that provides an elevated and authentic spectating experience.
Gamification adds value to the spectating experience of your users, by transporting your audience into an immersive environment that utilizes playful-design to create lasting positive impressions that shape desired behaviors.
Measure engagement and gather insights to drive retention whilst galvanizing your community through intrinsic and extrinsic motivators offered by the gamified experience.
Expand your community by leveraging the esports eco-system through reward mechanisms designed to promote greater social connections.
Convert the attention of your audience and monetize the esports eco-system through deeply immersive experiences which transports users to new levels of spectatorship.


In an increasingly saturated and time-starved esports environment, it is becoming challenging for game titles to capture the attention of esports audiences, to convert said audiences into consumers, and ultimately, to cultivate consumer loyalty.

By gamifying the esports spectating experience, our solutions provide game developers and game publishers with a tool to overcome these challenges and to differentiate their esports offerings. Our approach focuses on inducing a unique play-behavior which more effectively acquires new target audiences, galvanizes community building, and reinvigorates existing outreach channels.

Furthermore, this play-behavior culminates in a higher conversion rate of viewers into paying consumers by shaping consumption attitudes which is driven by intrinsic motivations and desires.

Our G.A.M.E.S brings your game titles to the forefront and differentiates the spectating experience of your audiences.


In an increasingly oversaturated esports environment, the attention and participation of audiences continues to gravitate towards events with larger financial offerings and a higher production value. In this environment it is crucial for event organizers to raise awareness, to establish an online and offline presence and to garner the attention and interest of their audience.

By gamifying the spectator experience, our solution improves the quality and depth of esports spectating, attracting the attention and interest of the audience in an organic manner. Our approach transports the audience into an immersive and competitive experience within the esports match - creating intrinsically motivated and highly engaged users.

Ultimately, by deeply engaging audiences, we increase awareness, improve customer loyalty, and create new monetization channels through crowdfunding and pay-to-play experiences.


As esports event services become more commoditized, venues need to find solutions that will differentiate their esports spectating experience. Our solution enables venues to engage audiences with unique and personal experiences that evolves spectator engagement.

Our approach gamifies the esports spectating activity with real-time competition and incentives that create deeply motivated and engaged audiences. These meaningful experiences drive positive attitudes toward your events while generating additional revenue through crowdfunded prize-pools.

We evolve audience spectatorship at your venues.


For non-endemic brands to successfully enter the esports eco-system, they must reduce the resistance to non-endemic brand activity, authentically engage esports audiences and effectively utilize sponsorship spend.

Our solution provides non-endemic brands with the means to approach esports audiences in an organic and authentic manner by augmenting and adding value to the spectating experience.

Ultimately, by gamifying the spectating experience, brands are able to generate positive attitudes which drive desired consumption behaviors through our customized interactions that expose, embed, and integrate your brand into the minds of the users.

We connect your brand with esports audiences in an organic and engaging manner that builds awareness, drives user activation and increases brand loyalty.


The explosive growth of the esports industry means that there will be increased competition for audience attention, requiring endemic brands to apply novel methods to strengthen their connection with their target audiences.

Using game dynamics and mechanics, our solution enables endemic brands to augment the audience experience with a voluntary and intrinsically motivated competitive activity that exposes, embeds, and integrates your brand in the minds of the users.

Accordingly, this experience will increase brand recall and shape positive attitudes towards your brand, driving desired consumption behaviors.

Our G.A.M.E.S. adds value to the esports spectating experience and drives your commercial objectives.


In this attention-scarce environment, spectating platforms are increasingly faced with the challenges of introducing new sources of revenue without negatively impacting viewing experience, of attracting new audiences, and in increasing engaged viewership hours.

Utilizing our solution, spectating platforms are able to deeply engage and highly motivate esports audiences. By gamifying the esports spectating experience, audiences are emplaced in a real-time competitive activity that satisfies their fundamental consumption motivations thereby creating meaningful engagement.

Ultimately, audiences are drawn to these experiences. This type of audience experience in turn creates a novel channel for revenue generation through crowdfunding and pay-to-play mechanisms.

With TOKIGAMES, you will draw audiences to your platform, create meaningful connections with your viewers, and grow revenue through value-added audience engagement.


Gathering support while developing engaged fanbases for your team in this attention driven esports eco-system can be challenging.

By gamifying the spectating experience, our solution establishes an immersive experience for consumers, emplacing your team as the focus point for each esports match. We transform your audience into active participants creating meaningful connections between your fans and your players.

Ultimately, the creation of these real and meaningful connections in the spectating experience drives interest and awareness of your team, which in turn creates an emotionally invested fan base.

TOKIGAMES enables you to create meaningful connections with your audience, to create brand ambassadors, and to galvanize your community.